ONEXIS Mega Adhesive

ONEXIS Mega Adhesive


ONEXIS Mega Adhesive holds a special place in our heart! It is the strongest and fastest drying adhesive we’ve ever used. We’ve tested many batches and have finally found the formula that we believe worthy of any professional and highly skilled lash artist.

We named it this ONEXIS after my beautiful cousin, Onexis, who was tragically taken from our family as a victim of domestic abuse. She was the life of every party! She was the glue in our family; her smile, infectious laugh, and uplifting personality always left everyone feeling like they were special, important, and cared for. As we were brainstorming names for our new adhesive, we found it only fitting to name this after her as she and the adhesive have similarities:
  • Strong Bond = Not only was she a strong woman and mother, her network of friends & family expanded states, countries, and continents; EVERYONE loved her and when she died, the outpour of love from everywhere was indescribable.
  • Fast Drying = She was quick to get things done and help anyone
  • Black Tint = Her nick name was “Negrita”; it’s a Spanish endearment meaning “little black girl”
  • Small Package = Although she was small, she was the complete package!
ONEXIS is best used by experienced lash artists who have mastered their technique and speed, as its drying time is extremely fast and gives very little room for making adjustments or corrections when placing the lash extension. The rapid dry formula is meant to be used with classic and/or volume eyelash extensions, proficient excellent retention and a flawless finish.
  • Size: 10 ml
  • Glue Color: Black
  • Drying Time: 0.05-1 second
  • Retention time: 5-6 weeks
  • Recommended temperature: 72-80ºF (22-27ºC)
  • Recommended humidity: RH 40-70% (we’ve noticed that it works great with lower RH levels 20-30% also)
  • Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free

*the result of no allergies or sensitivities is not guaranteed, please consult with your clients and find what is best for them.

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