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Marisol & Lulu

We’re a mom and daughter duo who have been in the lash industry for many many year. We both started doing lashes in 2010 and as Marisol kept up with it, Lulu found her passion with the behind the scenes of business life; ie. web and graphic designing, marketing, etc.

Marisol owns 3 eyelash extension studios in AZ, you may know it, Lashes del Sol! Lulu is the Marketing Manager for the company, and we’ve decided to create a separate lash line that encompasses all our years of knowledge, desire, and quality we want to see in lash products, so Hygge Beauty & Co was born!

We’re just like everyone else; hustling and grinding away at our dreams. Do we get along? Sure do! Do we fight and disagree? Hell yes!  But that’s what comes with being latinas, family, love, passion, and drive; and we wouldn’t change a thing. Feel me?



We need to stop making excuses for ourselves and our lash work. It’s not always the products, actually I dare say, it’s 70% us…yup. If we’re not succeeding it’s because something we aren’t or are doing that’s hindering us. Don’t get me wrong, I”m not trying to be negative, I’m being honest. I’ve had to give myself this harsh talk many times. These are the moments I have to pull up my big girl pants, swallow my pride and fix what I need fixin’! If you know what I’m talking about, then you know that getting past this hurdle is a huge growth process, and we’re all about growth and success!

“Put me anywhere, give me tweezers, lashes, and glue, and I will make any woman you put in front of me look beautiful!”

Marisol Cornwell, CEO

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